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I'm Roisin. Ethical Vegan. I cook high carb low fat vegan food.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect" ― Mark Twain
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    rawvegan?801010?hclf?starchbased? lately there is a lot of confusion about what to eat, what is right or wrong and which ‘rules’ to follow! i read a lot of books about nutrition and experimented with my diet and what i can say is: there is no right way that suits everyone and there never will be! i ate #rawtill4 and #highraw for a while and i figured out, it wasn’t completely right for me! when i was on vacation i started a rather #starchbased way of eating, still with lots of fresh fruit and i realised, that i felt so much better! for me a high carb low fat vegan diet feels right and has lots of benefits! So basically what i am trying to say is: educate yourself and try to create your own way! it has to make you feel good! there are no rules you have to follow! it’s your body, so nourish it and eat until your satisfied, it’s the only body you have! and i promise you don’t need to follow a strict program for this 🌻

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    TCS Vigil September 19th 2014

    Today, instead of the trucks being zipped into the fenced-off areas as quickly as possible to prevent the cows from having even that small bit of comfort that we may offer them, there was a transport truck parked on the side of the street, which gave us the opportunity to spend time with the cow persons who were trapped inside. They were all quite young and definitely would have preferred to still be with their mums. Cows will sometimes nurse until almost two years of age when allowed to wean naturally, and most will maintain strong life-long relationships with their mothers. However, cows being raised for beef are typically taken away from their mums to be sent to feed lots at just over a year old, two at the most. These babies were standing in an absolutely filthy truck; the floor was covered in excrement, and it is possible that they had been traveling for days without rest (since legally they can be transported in this way for up to 52 hours in Canada). They were very scared, with huge eyes, restless legs, and runny noses (a sign of stress), and it was no wonder since the skins of those who had been slaughtered before them were right across the street and while they may or may not have been visible, the cows could definitely smell the blood; so while they may not have known exactly what was going to become of them, they knew it wasn’t good, and yet they had no hope of escape. All we could offer them was our soft words of love, calm energy, and kind outstretched hands. Eventually some did respond to our warm, attentive actions, and gently touched/kissed our gloved hands. It is both incredible and tragic how fast these animals respond to any caring gesture; it shows that all they want is to experience respect and love, and to live freely with their loved ones. 

    Unfortunately, these persons had their grim fate already planned, and so they were curtly pulled away from us and backed into the unloading area. Thinking about what they were about to go through, the use of electric prods on their most sensitive parts, being chained upside by their foot, having their throat cut open in a sawing motion while conscious, watching this happen to their friends before them, kicking and choking as they bled out, being skinned, sometimes while still conscious, and dismembered, and turned into an almost unrecognizable object, was dreadful, harrowing, and heartbreaking. We must remember though, that while these persons were not saved, every day human people are growing into dedicated activists, such as those who were at this vigil today, and that with such compassionate, devoted people in the movement, change will happen. 

    We are just sorry sweet, beautiful ones, that this change did not happen in time to save you who are now lovely angels.You were loved.

    Please choose veganism today in their honour.

    Learn about Toronto Cow Save and join our vigils!

    Photo credit to wonderful, dutiful activists Agnes Cseke and Caroline Wong.

    This is depressing,
    However, proper farmers- at least here in Australia follow humane procedure- it is as simple as one gunshot to their head - an instant, painfree method.
    Maybe suggest this.

    If I shot you in the head and killed you instantly, would that be considered humane? Could I tell the authorities I humanely killed you, because your death was instant and painfree?

    The problem is not how animals are killed, but the fact that they are killed for food in the first place.

    Don’t look for a “humane” way of doing something nonhumane. Stop searching for the right way to do the wrong thing.

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    Green smoothie {spinach, bananas, dates and cinnamon} 

    “ You can also lose weight by undergoing chemotherapy or starting a heroin addiction, but I wouldn’t recommend those, either. ”

    —    T. Colin Campbell, PhD - talking about low-carb, low-calorie (Atkins, Paleo) diets. (via wholefood-holly)

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