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I'm Roisin. Ethical Vegan. I cook high carb low fat vegan food.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect" ― Mark Twain
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  • September Goals

    • Less salt - I need to reduce my salt intake, right now I put tons on my food. I find cooked food very bland without it though. I’m hoping to reduce it because it causes bloating. Has anyone been able to eat less salt in their diet?
    • Drink more water - I usually aim for about 3L a day. And it will help with bloating and salt retention.
    • Squats - I used to do about 100 a few months ago then somehow I got lazy and stopped. So I’m going to start doing 30/40 and increase the number over the month.
    • Walk more - like with squats, I’ve gotten lazy with walking. So going to start going again and it’ll be easier now that the weather is getting colder :)
    • Try different recipes- Once I make one recipe I like - I’ll end up making it all the time and eating it a few times a week. I’m going to experiment and try new foods/recipes
    • Eat more green smoothies - I haven’t been eating greens much lately. They taste so good in smoothies though and I’m hoping they will help clear my skin :)
    • Read more - I have so much books I want to read. Currently reading the China Study so need to finish that first.
    Meat production is apparently going to double by 2020. I get so enraged and upset about is the planet going to keep up?

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    This world is so imbalanced already I can’t even bare the thought of that. The amount of people living in poverty, the earth’s climate, the death toll.. all going to increase. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel really hopeless.

    Truth is, it can’t keep up. The world (being the population) is already living at 150% of what the planet can sustain.

    That’s 50% more then what nature can provide and every year this is rising at an alarming increase. The effects of borrowing more then what is on offer, is severely minimising the chances of reversing this damage.

    The fact that the meat industry is one of the leading causes of this and it set to double by 2020, is said to amp up the percentage to 210%. That’s a 110% living above the means of what our planet can handle.

    It’s a scary thought and one I wished more people took seriously.

    This breaks my heart, everyday. I consider myself a fairly positive person but this just makes me feel so helpless.

    It is now 3 weeks since Michael Brown was murdered by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. Officer Darren Wilson still has not been arrested, charged, or even brought to prison or court for the murder of Michael Brown.



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    Oven baked chips, no oil or salt 😃

    Someone please explain to me how these don’t stick to the pan because I want to make some but even when I use oil, they get baked onto the pan? 

    I used a non stick sheet and after about 5 minutes I just move them around so they don’t stick :)

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